Whole30: Round 4

It's that time again! I've hit the danger zone on the scale and I'm eating chocolate and cheese like it's Armageddon. My sugar dragon is rearing its ugly head and I need an intervention! The folks over at Whole30 are hosting a January Challenge, and I love how supportive the community is over on Instagram. If you want to join in or are just curious about it, go check out one of these hashtags:  #whole30 #januarywhole30 #whole30challenge #whole30recipes

This is what my fridge looks like when I'm about to start the program. (For once, all the vegetables make me happy!) I try my best to clean out all the non-compliant food. If it's not available, then I'm not tempted to cheat!

Helpful Tip- I went to Aldi's first and loaded up on produce! They had some AMAZING prices and even an organic section! Then I finished up at Publix, but it definitely saved me money! Be sure to look at your local ads to see where you can save on fresh produce.

Menu planning is extremely important if you want to stay on track. If you know you have the next meal planned, then you're less likely to sabotage yourself. I normally eat some form of eggs and plantains for breakfast. It's quick and filling and I can easily throw in a handful of spinach or top them with some tomatoes and avocado. For lunch, I either eat leftovers or try and stick with bone broth or a salad. Dinners are my big meal, since my husband is home for those. He eats my whole30 meals, but he doesn't try to remain on plan during work or family functions. I'm just grateful I don't have to fix two separate meals!

 Bullet Journals are my favorite! 

Bullet Journals are my favorite! 

I use my bullet journal to meal plan because I like having access to my grocery list whenever I'm out and about. Otherwise, I'm notorious for leaving it at home. I'll be posting more on the bullet journal later, but it's also nice to remind myself how much prep work dinner is going to need that night, or if I need to thaw something for an upcoming meal (another thing I'm HORRIBLE at remembering to do!) Plus, it's interesting to look back and see what I tend to cook most often.  

My first recipe will be one of my favorite meals for any time of day! My version of Huevos Rancheros with plantains. The trick is to look for green plantains- the greener the better. Yellow plantains are also delicious but they're sweeter and tend to carmelize when you sauté them. The green plantains have a more potato like flavor and are great to substitute in place of potatoes or chips in many meals! Other than that, this meal is pretty much cook and pile on the plate. It's also wonderfully filling and easy to add different toppings or sauces depending on what kind of flavor you're looking for. I, however, am on a perpetual Mexican food kick.



Servings: One 
What do I need?

  • 1 Green Plantain
  • 2 TBSP Grapeseed Oil (Or any other oil, bacon grease, etc. you prefer use in the skillet) 
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 Small Tomato, diced
  • 1/2 Avocado, diced or sliced
  • 2 spoonfuls of green chiles (optional) 
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Hot Sauce (Optional; I love Valentina's and I'm not to fond of spicy things!) 

What do I do now? 

  1. Start heating up the oil in the skillet of your choice over low medium low heat. (I prefer cast iron.) While the pan is heating, peel and slice the plantain into coins. 
  2. Arrange the plantain coins in a skillet in an even layer. Dash a little salt over top. Flip when they begin to turn brown on the bottom. (Depending on how hot your pan is, this can be anywhere from four to eight minutes). 
  3. Once plantains are lightly brown on both sides, remove from the pan and set aside. At this point, you may need to add more oil to your pan.
  4. Fry your eggs. I prefer to top my eggs with both salt and pepper. I love to cook eggs over easy with this recipe because when you cut into the egg, the yolks seep into the plantains. (Also, I'm a toddler at heart and I like anything I can dip into something else.) 
  5. Assemble! I layer the plantains, then eggs directly on top. Toss the chiles, tomato, and avocado pieces on top, and finish with a drizzle of hot sauce!