Hi! I'm Stephanie Wittry. I'm a clumsy Georgia girl with a penchant for cheese and a passion for horses, traveling, and musicals. When I'm not riding or cooking, there's a good chance you can find me curled up with a cup of tea and a book. If the tea is gone and the book is finished, then I'm probably taking ridiculous pictures of my English Cream Retriever, Zonda. (She even has her own instagram: @zondadoodle because I'm that person.)

We all have busy lives, but sometimes it's hard to stay on track with our everyday tasks. I love encouraging people who want to make changes in their life: whether it's organizing your home, adopting a gluten or grain free diet, beginning a new DIY project, or maybe you just need an extra dose of positivity in the morning. I hope you find some inspiration to begin your own journey!

What Else Do You Need To Know About Me?

In 2011, my entire life changed. I had almost completed my Masters degree in Special Education when a distracted driver hit me head on while I was driving home from school. I spent the next month in the hospital, endured multiple surgeries, and then spent the next few months in a wheelchair before relearning how to walk. No one was even sure how much mobility I would be able to regain, and a year a physical therapy still left me with a limp. I was only concerned with being able to ride horses once more. The accident made me reevaluate my priorities, and I was determined to accomplish goals I had always dreamed about as a child. With the help of Meneely Show Horses, I bought a new horse more suited to my physical limitations and worked my butt off. It paid off and I was named the 2013 Reserve World Champion at the Appaloosa World Championship Show in Novice Showmanship- a class that required me to both walk and jog beside my horse.